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Draft beer and liquor control systems for bar, POS interface software
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Automatic Draft Tap

The Automatic Draft Tap (ADT) is a Perlick 630SS motorized  beer faucet controlled by an internal CPU.  Up to four pour sizes can be pre-set to dispense the amount of draft beer or wine you wish to serve in your different glass sizes. The foam button is set to open the tap partially to make beer foam.

The Draft Tap can operate with the serving sizes set by the amount of time the faucet is held open or, with an optional Auper flow meter to insure accurate serving sizes in all conditions.

Pressing one of four pour size buttons will open the beer faucet to dispense the product. The faucet will close automatically when the pre-set quantity is reached. The foam button can be pressed to add foam to top off the beer glass when needed. Each pour size and the foam button has a counter that will advance 1 each time a pour size is served.

The manager can read the counters at the end of a shift and reset them to zero at the start of a new shift using a programmable passcode. The Draft Tap can be locked and unlocked using another programmable passcode to prevent people from using it when the bar is closed.



  • 630SS faucet: The seat forward design of the faucet is a good choice for a motorized beer tap because its internal parts are not exposed to air. The faucet will not become sticky if the tap is not used for several days. The tubing can be cleaned and sanitized with the faucet in place. With the chemicals used, the inside of the faucet becomes sparkling clean.


  • Force: The motor delivers 20 Kg/cm on the faucet handle to open and close the beer faucet in 0.1 sec.


  • Power: 6 volts DC @ 2 Amps or more.  Plug: 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel


  • Faucet thread: 1''1/8 BSP


  • Material: Anodized aluminum enclosure, Carbon fiber injected Nylon faucet holder.


  • Line cleaning mode: If enabled, a password can be used to enter the cleaning mode for manual opening and closing of the beer tap.


  • Pause mode: If enabled, it allows the bartender to pause a pour to let the foam settle.


  • Cancel mode: If enabled, it allows the bartender to cancel a pour to start a new one.


  • Repeat mode (hands free):  If enabled, the bartender can pour several glasses with a programmable delay between each to allow for the change of glass.


  • Tap lock mode: If enabled, using a password, the tap can be locked. Beer cannot be served until the ADT is unlocked with the password.

Software and interfacebility

The Automatic Draft Tap is available with a Wi-Fi network adapter. The Wi-Fi adapters are pre-set at the facory to communicate directly with a Wi-Fi Access Point provided with the ADTs.

Connecting this Access Point to your router provides an access from the software to interface the ADTs to the Liquor manager Live software. When used with the Liquor Manager Live software, the ADTs can be interfaced with the POS system.

Two operating modes are available:

1- the passive or unlocked mode where each beer served is recorded with the time, brand, quantity served and the total amount due. The software will automatically report and email the totals at the end of the shift . If the POS is also configured to interface with the software, the orders are automatically matched with the beers served.

2- the active or pre-checking mode where the ADTs remain locked until an order registered in the POS is printed to the Liquor manager software. Only the brands and pour size ordered are allowed to be served.


During a motor durability test, the Automatic Draft Tap was tested in freehand mode adjusted to serve 500ml with a 2 seconds pause between glasses for 80,000 consecutive glasses.

With 20 kg / cm of torque on the handle, the ADT will open regardless of the pressure applied to the beer faucet.

Automatic draft beer potion control faucet




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