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Liquor system POS interface
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Liquor Manager Live POS interface
Liquor system POS interface
Draft beer and liquor control systems for bar, POS interface software
Systèmes de contrôle pour bière pression et alcool

Eclipse 4250

Alcohol control system for bar


Eclipse liquor pourers are equipped with a valve and a programmable RFID chip.

A pourer will be installed on each bottle of alcohol and the number (0 to 255) assigned to the brand in the system memory is programmed in the RFID chip.

By inserting the pourer into the ring, the chip number is read and the name of the product displayed on the screen. When the bartender inverts the ring and bottle to serve a drink, the valve will open for the portion selected using the buttons P1 to P4.

The Eclipse alcohol pourers are calibrated to serve 10 ml / sec and those for wine by the glass 25 ml / sec.

The time required to serve a single shot, from the time the bottle is taken in hand by the bartender and returned to its place is around 9 seconds. During this time, the portion is measured and the shot counted. Several shots of the same alcohol will be served by leaving the bottle inverted with a programmable time between each. The video demo below shows you the speed of the service.

Programming and installation

The programming of your system is done with the help of our technical service.

To start we need from you:

1. A list of alcohols in your bar in Excel or .CSV format

2. The number of bottles of each brand.

3. The quantity for your regular shot size in Oz. or in ml. (1 Oz, 1.25 Oz, 1.5 Oz, 30 ml, 50 ml etc.)

4. The accessory pour sizes need for making the mixed drinks (1/4, 1/3, 1/2 etc ...)

Easy programming and installation

We will program your system for you and email you a pdf copy for validation identifying the pourer numbers, products assigned and programmed pour sizes for each. Your system will be sent already programmed.

As soon as it is received, you will put it in place and connect it to the network (network cable included). We will access your PC remotely with TeamViewer, install the software and your programming and connect the Eclipse system(s) to the software.

You will install the pourers on the bottles and program the number in the chip corresponding to the product from the list. A video will show you the procedure. Once finished, you will be ready to serve.

You can use Eclipse 4250...


  • With a serial or network thermal receipt printer (Like an Epson Tm-T20), you will get a report at the end of the shift including the products and pour sizes served with the total money owed.


  • Interfaced with Liquor Manager Live software. The software allows you to group several devices per bar and offers the possibility of interfacing your POS system for automated management of beverage sales.



Eclipse 4250 liquor control system




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