Draft beer and liquor control systems for bar, POS interface software
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Draft beer and liquor control systems for bar, POS interface software
Systèmes de contrôle pour bière pression et alcool


Dimensions   3" 5/8 W X 5" H X 1" D

                      92 mm W X 126 mm H X 24 mm D

Shipping Weight    2.2 lbs / 1Kg

Communication  RS-232 null modem/RS-422

Connectors  RS-232  dbsub 9 male - RS-422  RJ11

                      Flow meters  RJ45 - Power  2.1 X 5.5mm barrel 

Flow meter collector cable  UTP Cat 5 four pairs cable

Maximum cable length   1000 ft / 300M

Power supply   12 Volts DC@ 0.65 Amp


TM600 6 flow meters beer counting system


Real time flow monitor

Up to 6 flow meters per system.


Flow meter collector box can be installed in a cooler.


Can measure ounces, litres or any other measuring unit.


Display shows the amount being served in real-time and the total for the day.


Daily counters can be cleared using the user/manager ibutton key.

Totalizers hold the amounts measured to date (resetable by manager only).

LED will flash in case of power loss.

Can print daily usage reports to a serial printer.

Can be connected to a computer to use the Draft Manager Live software.

Up to 4 manager keys and 4 user keys to access the system at different levels.





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