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Draft beer and liquor control systems for bar, POS interface software
Systèmes de contrôle pour bière pression et alcool



  • The counting system TM600 or TM6400 is linked to the Windows software. Each time a beer tap is opened, the corresponding flow meter is activated. Once the tap is closed, around two seconds later, the quantity served is recorded with the time.


  • The software is also equipped with a network POS printer module. You will program your POS system to print orders entered by your staff to Draft Manager Live in the same way as an order is printed in the kitchen or at the bar. Orders received are also recorded with the time.


  • The quantities expected to be served for each glass size are identified by the system and programmed in the software.


  • Items ordered in the POS system are automatically reconciled with the quantities of beer served and the transactions given a number.


  • A report of quantities served and unrelated orders will be printed and emailed at the end of the shift.

My name Rohit Lal and work for Mark and Jennice Hinton at the Smuggler cove in Fiji. I have been requested by them to share information on our draught beer system.

Firstly I would say that, this system just takes all your stress and increases your revenue. What a control it does and makes you wonder! Everything just becomes live and you have full hands on report on shift by shift. Actually you will come to know what your usage is on a busy days and a quiet day. It keeps the staffs on toes and makes them held responsible for what they do with the draught beers. It has a big control on wastage, so your actual beer you buy is not thrown as wastage.

The ICS team installed the hardware and software in under six hours and it immediately told us that we were losing an average of 50 litres of beer each week.

The live reporting software enables our managers to monitor performance live from our on-site office and the per shift summary reports that are emailed to me automatically provide an easy to read snapshot of what the performance was for that shift. It has enabled us to react immediately to over pouring issues, unregistered sales or beer system issues and our managers have embraced the system and adjusted the way they manage the bar and their staff as a result.

Our average weekly beer wastage is now around 10 litres per week. When you multiply that saving over a year it is one of the smartest investments we have made with 40L per week now charged out rather than lost. I took a bit of convincing to spend the dollars on the system but for us the payback has been immediate. If you think you have a wastage problem, it is probably twice what you think, and this system is the only system I have seen that will tell you how to fix it!

Andrew Williams
Managing Director

Wellington Hospitality Group



Using this software you will

1. Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your staff in serving glasses properly and ordering them in a timely manner in your point of sale system.

2. Distinguish the losses due to overfilling and wastage from those caused by the glasses served that have not been ordered in your POS system. This will allow you to recognize your best performing employees and those who need training.

 3. Be proactive in addressing the right problem with the right staff. As soon as you identify a problem, you will be able to solve it without waiting and without doubting yourself. With the hours and the taps identified, you can easily confirm the results with your video surveillance system. You will see your beer sales and profits increase immediately.

These POS systems are being used

with Draft Manager Live.

Draft beer sales control and management software

Draft Manager Live software

Take the guesswork out of draft beer management!

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