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Draft Manager beer sales control system
Draft beer and liquor control systems for bar, POS interface software
Systèmes de contrôle pour bière pression et alcool


Metering system

You can connect up to 64 Auper flow meters to one TM6400 system. The flow meters are connected to the system using Auper flow meter collector boxes. Up to 16 flow meters can be connected to one collector box.  Up to 4 collector boxes can be connected to the TM6400 via 2 channels linked to the system using widely available Cat 5 network cables. Each channel can have one or two daisy chained collector boxes.

Refer to the wiring diagram below.

The TM6400 is equipped with a serial RS-232 and a RS-422 port.

An optional network adapter as well as a Wi-Fi adapter are available. 

If you are not using the software, the counters can be read directly from the display and cleared using an access code. A serial printer can be used to print usage reports.

The TM6400 will deliver maximum control over draft beers and

other beverages when used with the Draft manager Live software.

The TM6400 can be programmed to measure ounces, liters,

glasses or any other measuring unit of your choice.

It is equipped with a power failure counter and flashing LED

to indicate if the system lost power.

A TM6400 system includes:


  • TM6400 metering system
  • 1 Flow meter collector box
  • 25 ft (3M) Cat 5 network cable
  • 12 volts DC 1.5 Amp power supply
  • Optional network adapter


Power: 12 volts dc @ 1.5 Amp


TM6400 Size: 7.4” W X 4.125” L X 1.7” H (177.8mm X 136.5mm X 57.1 mm)

Collector size: 6.75” L X 4.375” W X 1.75” H (171.4mm X 111.1mm X 44.4 mm)

Shipping weight: 2.5 lbs / 1.14 kg

Max flow meter cable length: 1000 ft / 300 m


Flow meter collector box

Auper flow meters come with a 25 ft (7.6 M ) cable ready to

connect to the collector box. The collector box should be mounted in the keg room within reach of the flow meters that will be connected to it. Cat 5 network cables are used to link the collector boxes to the TM6400 system.

The collector(s) boxes are powered by the system directly through the Cat 5 cable(s). The second,third and fourth collector boxes are ordered separately when needed. A collector box is delivered with a 25 ft (7.65m) Cat 5 cable.


TM6400 64 flow meter beer metering system




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