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Draft beer and liquor control systems for bar, POS interface software
Systèmes de contrôle pour bière pression et alcool

Web/Cloud based services compared with purchasing your system

The business model of web based control systems providers is

to sell monthly subscriptions. The equipment they sell you is a

mean to an end, not the reason to be in the business. You should

therefore pay an amount for the equipment. The amount

requested covers installation and start-up costs. You will own this equipment

but it is designed to be used with their application only.

There are not other means of getting the information out of the system to use it manually for instance.

Once committed, should you not be happy with the service or would have liked to stop the monthly payments to save on expenses , this equipment will not be of any use to you anymore and you will have to start all over again.

Web based draft control

These numbers were taken from a recent 2020 quote from a well known web based service in the USA:


  • 20 flow meter system at a price of $2800 USD


  • Monthly fee for the service is $150 USD


  • First year's net cost: $2800 + ($150 x 12 = $1800) = $4600 USD


  • After 5 years, you will have spent $11,800 USD


  • After 10 years, you will have spent $ 20800 USD

Auper metering system and software

To buy an Auper metering system for 20 taps will cost you approximately $5200 USD installation included.

You will pay $515 per year for the Draft Manager Live software.


  • First year net cost: $5715 USD


  • After 5 years, you will have spent $7775 


  • After 10 years, you will have spent $10350

* You will always be able to read the counters from the display or print reports should you want to not use the software.

Interestingly, you can finance a $5200 purchase with no money down for about $150 per month for 48 months. You don't even have to disburs the $2800 to get started. At the end of the term, the equipment is yours and you stop paying. Subsequent years will only cost you the price of the software. With the web based service the $150 per month is there to stay for as long as you want to control your draft beers.


Web/Cloud services




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